dear ethan hawke,

On this Black Friday, I’m thankful that I already own your film “Great Expectations,” so I don’t have to fight with crazed shoppers looking for super deals at Best Buy.  Even though most likely those deals are no better than they will be for the next few weeks, and not even as good as the ones after Christmas.  Not to mention all the online deals that are probably even better.  Oh, and at least our economy is stable enough that people should be blowing all their disposable income on electronics they might want, good decisions! Yet I digress.  Although now that I think about it…perhaps I will brave Best Buy, after all I only own your film on regular DVD, which of course is for losers…I don’t yet own a BluRay version.

Anyway, I’d like to publicly state that I think your late 90s version of “Great Expectations” is criminally underrated.  Solid acting, amazing set design, and killer soundtrack.  Furthermore, the drunken speech you deliver (see below) towards the end of the film is a speech I one day aspire to give.  Though I don’t plan on selling out an art show, given I still can’t stay within the lines, perhaps I’ll write a book one day about some girl; perhaps it’ll be a best seller; perhaps she won’t show up to a book signing at some cool boutique book store in NYC; perhaps I’ll ditch the signing and cruise down Park Ave. with a bottle of Grey Goose in tow, to make a speech similar to this one; perhaps she will actually here it, instead of her curmudgeonly grandmother…

Make another good movie please Ethan,


Charles Dickens

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1 Response to “dear ethan hawke,”

  1. 1 blackvelvetsea
    November 26, 2010 at 6:15 pm

    This has been one of my favorite stories by Charles Dickens..Its just ripe with emotions, too powerful, too rigid. This novel impacted me, my writing and my life a great deal. Thanks for reminding me of this wonderful work. Also, the movie was v.good…As far as I remember Gwyneth Paltrow was in it and that was a good choice.

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