dear morrissey & zooey deschanel

I wanted to write you both a quick letter this morning.  Originally it just going to be addressed to Zooey, because after all it was her cover of The Smith’s “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want” that inspired this writing.  That, and the fact that whatever woman I end up marrying will have to understand that you, Zooey,will definitely be on my celebrity-I-get-to-have-sex-without-worrying-about-repurcussions list.  You may even crack the top 3, whereas you, Morrissey, will not be said list.  However, you did originally pen the song so I feel it’s only right that I address it to you as well.

This is an entirely melodramatic song for me to be posting right now.  To summarize the situation, actually there really is no situation to summarize, it’s brief enough to just lay out fully – I’ve been out with the same girl for a few drinks twice in the last week, and we have tentative plans to meet up for dinner next week.  Hopefully she’ll have enough wine at dinner where making out by her car seems like a good idea, yet I digress.  I’m not writing you to beg you to ‘please let me get what I want,’ because I’m not sure yet if I really ‘want’ this girl.  So far though she seems fun, smart and I’m attracted to her…and she SEEMS to feel the same way about me.  But still, early days, right?  I do know, however, what I don’t want…I don’t want to let my guard down again like I did with this girl and get demolished.  That’s not too much to ask right?

Also, as per your lyrics, “lord knows it would be the first time.”  Well first off I don’t really believe in a Lord (though Adrian Gonzalez may be a member of the Red Sox by the time you get this letter, so who knows…), but if things go well with this girl it would not be the first time.  I’d be lying if I wrote that.  But all the same that’s kind of the feeling I think we all get when we are getting to know someone new on a possible romantic level, all previous romantic escapades go out the window and it honestly does at least FEEL like the first time.  Anyway, I’m going to enjoy the snow.  But Morrissey, thanks for writing this song and Zooey, I love you.  Um, I mean, thanks for covering it so wonderfully.


Your Real Life Joseph Gordon-Levitt

3 Responses to “dear morrissey & zooey deschanel”

  1. 1 blackvelvetsea
    December 6, 2010 at 11:06 am

    You nailed this one!

  2. December 9, 2010 at 1:55 pm

    This song is an all-time classic. i have to check out Zooey’s version now.

    Great post!

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