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if I said that would you stay? *

Dear Alex (yes, a female),

If you read some of my other letters, you’ll no doubt be surrounded by sarcasm and wit. However, I don’t imagine I’ll be able to do that with this letter, to you.  Though, you will at some point receive another letter that recalls me asking you out, multiple times, when we were about 10 years old.  But today I’m writing you because you just informed me you are going to Kabul, Afghanistan for 6 months for emergency relief effort. The only way I know how to get my real emotions out there about this are through a letter.

First off, no matter how many times I casually drop, “…because you are going to Kabul for 6 months,” you should know a couple of things 1. I will support you 100% in this decision, and probably any other decision you make; because even though you are a bit crazy at times you probably have your head screwed on way straighter than most of us. Secondly, you have to allow me to make stupid comments about this because I’m incredibly nervous, and will be until you return.  I am a typical American, and know almost nothing about the daily goings on in Kabul except from what I see on the news and video game commercials (see below…actually I lied, there is nothing to see below. Originally I had posted a youtube clip of some stupid video game, but there is no need for graphics in this letter.).  I’m sure it’s far safer that I realize, but I care as much about you as anyone else in the world, and as a result I will not sleep as well until you are back.

That brings us to the quote that is the header of this letter…the preceding line is, “what if we get married?” Put it together and you get, “what if we get married? If I said that would you stay?”  Don’t tweak out, I’m not proposing to you.  First of all I know you’d never say yes, not to mention I would never actually want to hold you back from something I know you are really want to do.  But I thought I’d let you know when I first read the email with your news, and when we were video chatting about it last night…I had this Hollywood vision of me running to you at JFK as you were about to walk onto your plane and asking you to marry me so you wouldn’t go.  But, then I realized, that’s impossible because I’m not allowed at the gate…and I think we both know there is no way I’d buy a plane ticket to get through security just to get turned down.  But hey, it’s the thought that counts.

I know we’ll talk plenty before you leave, but I love you,

And be safe,


(editors note) PS The other reason I wouldn’t do this crazy proposal is because I don’t really want to marry you, we’d drive each other crazy…but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do ANYTHING to make sure you were safe…

*Jerry Maguire

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