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Why do you not allow people to block others from searches? It seems like an incredibly easy thing to do, and yet for some reason you people up there on your high & mighty online dating throne frown upon it.

This does not come from a bad place…as in, I’m not trying to block the ugly chicks (after all, that would be a bit hypocritical), or the 43 year old mom with a half set of teeth & 3 rugrats. Whatever, if they want to view my profile and shoot me an email more power to them. I can’t guarantee a response, but that’s the risk they take. As a real quick aside, I would much rather not receive a reply to an email than the “polite no thank you.” At least without a response I can tell myself that the female in question just has not paid for a membership yet, and as such can not read or respond. I mean, what other reason could there possibly be for her not wanting to talk to me? Hey, whatever helps you sleep at night, right?

Anyway, what was I getting at? Oh yes, blocking the crap out of certain people from match…which people, you might ask. Fair question. Two groups really. One is easy, people I effing know & don’t want them knowing I’m on a dating website. This request does not come from shame or anything like that, but simply there are certain people (most of them have the female genitalia) that don’t know how to keep their mouths shut. And quite frankly I don’t need everyone in the small town I live in knowing that I’m on for the 4th time in two years. Perhaps there are females in the general population that do not belong to match that I might be interested in that will hear about my apparent fetish for online dating catastrophes and not have a mutual interest. Perhaps I just don’t like people talking about my personal business.

The 2nd group does come from a place of slight embarrassment I guess. I don’t want women I’ve gone out with, who I have then subsequently told I did not want to see again (and in many cases, vice versa) to have the pleasure of knowing that I’m back on the match scene. Is that vain? Why yes, yes it is. But it’s my life, and my blog, and my account, so I don’t really care. Although I’ve just realized that if these people see me, I can see them too…which means they are just as desperate excited to find the love of their lives. However, my point still holds, let me block people. Please.



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