Get it? A Jeopardy reference…I’m so clever. This page will be dedicated to people in pop culture that have done something to rub me the wrong way, which is not difficult to do. Expect this page to be updated frequently.

2nd Entry – 5/4/2011

About half the people on my facebook and twitter feeds, and that includes you Rashard Mendenhall. With regards the Osama Bin Laden news this week, I have three things to say 1. This was not a political move by the Democratic/Obama administration to try to cover up what has been for many (myself included), a disappointing Presidential run so far. Few and far between have alluded to that, but a few is a few too many. 2. People need to do their best to step back from the situation and not make it personal matter. This is not about my reaction (somewhat, subdued relief I guess would be accurate), this is not about people around the country pounding beers in celebration, nor is it about the person who is dismayed that people would celebrate the murder of another human being. This is, very simply, about the world & the human race being slightly better off than it was a few days ago.

1st Entry – 4/27/2011

Donald Trump, you suck. And you know what, all of his minions that give him the media credibility to pull off something like forcing Obama to show his birth certificate suck too. People (and by ‘people’ I mean a small handful of die hard right wingers (double parentheses alert, for what it’s worth I’m a registered independent who voted for Obama, but many Republicans in my home-state)) are constantly complaining that Obama is doing a piss-poor job of running this country, and at the same time demand he not focus on making things better and instead hold press conferences proving that he is indeed a natural citizen of the good ole’ USA. Today marks, in my opinion, the lowest of the low in modern American Politics. Yes, even lower than Watergate, and certainly lower than Clinton using a cigar in an intern’s orifice in the Oval Office. Well, maybe not…And yes, I realize I’m being a bit dramatic about the situation, but isn’t that exactly what has caused this situation in the first place?

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