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dear matt damon & minnie driver,

I should probably let you know the following: I am not an orphan, no one stabbed me, no one put cigarettes out on me (though I do have a hole in an old fleece from a lighter, but I think that was a drunken mishap), and I’ve never dated a medical student.  This last part really pisses me off, since 94% of the reason I went to grad school was to meet a future neurosurgeon that would allow me to reach my full potential of becoming ‘Mr. Mom.’ Yet I digress.

So while I have never been any of the above things, I have been in both of your shoes in the past.  I’ve been ‘Skylar-ed,’ where someone I’ve dated put some intense pressure on me; and I’ve been ‘Will Hunting-ed,’ where someone refused to confront how they really felt (I owe you more of an explanation on this link…bottom line is she claims to have lead me on, I think she just couldn’t deal with her emotions for numerous reasons.  Whether my theory is true or not, it’s waaay easier for me to accept, so we’ll go with that).  I think that is what made you so effective in this scene, Matt, you clearly love Skylar but you refused to admit it.  I might also add that in my Basics of Acting class in college, I nailed this scene as well…to the point where the professor told me after he thought I was actually going to hit my co-actor.  My acting career ended there, I’ve always been told I have a face for radio…there I go digressing again.

Both situations kind of suck, let’s face it, who likes someone applying pressure to a situation…no matter how you feel about someone, that person asking you to give up your life and move to California isn’t that sweet.  But being Skylar is quite a bit more painful, in my book anyway.  It’s one thing to feel strongly about a person, and not have that person feel the same way; but it’s a whole different ballgame when you know that person feels the same, but for one reason or another (you know, like fear of abandonment issues b/c your foster-father used to beat you with a wrench before shipping you off to the next foster home), can’t acknowledge it.

Alright before I write myself into a deep depression, I’ll just let you enjoy the scene you both so wonderfully crafted.



ps – Minnie where the hell have you been the last 13 years?

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