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dear billy corgan,

You are bald, sometimes you wear long skirts/dresses at your live shows, and overall you seem like an extremely, how can I put it nicely, eccentric human being.  Basically, somehow I doubt the two of us would have much in common; if we ever got together for a beer I think we’d be resigned to discussing your music.  Although we could discuss sports, but you’d probably hate me because I know you are an avid Chicago Cubs fan, and because I’m a Red Sox fan you might just resent me.  You certainly couldn’t divulge any relationship advice that might help me find love, for eff’s sake, you’ve been romantically linked with many a females.  But that’s not really the reason, it’s mainly because you’ve had an on again/off again relationship with Courtney Love, the craziest biatch this side of the Great Wall.  Although you apparently did have a fling with Jessica Simpson, I’d love to know what she was like in the sack, when she wasn’t eating wings of buffaloes of course.  Wait, I got really off track, I’m writing you because of your song “Thirty-three.”

This song always depresses the crap out of me, yet I can’t stop listening to it…especially this time of year.  For some reason it makes me reflect on my not-so-interesting life and forces me to confront why I am A. single B. no prospects of not being single and C. in such a stagnant personal place.  I mean, how can a line like, “Tomorrow’s just an excuse away/So I pull my collar up and face the cold/On my own” not make you reflect on why you suck? And I do not wholly suck, only parts of me do, and Billy your song seems to bring out those parts in full force.  And I really want to know what the hell you meant by ‘Tomorrow’s just an excuse away.’ I always interpret it differently.  My guess is you weren’t referring to coming up with a new excuse, tomorrow, on why you are going to leave that nutjob Courtney Love again.  I come up with excuses constantly about items A, B & C above, the problem is the excuses are super good.  And thus, A/B/C are all still major components of my life.

So as not to completely encase myself in the post-holiday blues, I’ll finish by thanking you for providing glimpses of hope throughout this morose  song.  While lamenting my seemingly boring life, lyrics like “for a moment I lose myself/wrapped up in the pleasures of the world,” and, “I know I’ll make it/love can last forever” offer rays of light in this dark, dreary world.  Haha, I sound absurd with lines like that.

I’m not actually depressed, but who is truly happy the few days after Christmas? Not to mention it’s about 0 degrees outside, with heavy winds and snow. Excuse me for not being all hunky-effing dory.


dear jeff mangum,

You should feel special, I’m creating a whole new category for you.  The song I’m posting, “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea,” is certainly not a breakup song; but the thing is it’s not really a love song either.  However, in the interest of seamless transistion, that is what it is getting filed under.  I’m posting this song for two reasons – 1. Not nearly enough people have heard it not nearly enough people know about you and your band, Neutral Milk Hotel.  So, by posting this…there is a disctinct possibility at least TWO new people will have heard you.  The second reason, and more important one, is that every time I meet someone new, who might be a potential significant other on any level, my imagination gets the better of me.  I compare her to women of my past, I think way too much about the future, instead of just appreciating the moment for what it is – getting to know someone who I’m hitting it off with.  I’m not talking about those crazy people who have a first drink with someone and start thinking about the kids they will raise together and white picket fences (read: many females I know); but smaller scale stuff – will she like my friends, will she like my parents, does she share my affinity for hatred of the Yankees?  All that crap and more was running through my mind last night when I was driving home after meeting a girl for a drink.  Stupid. But then I heard the song I’m posting below and really heard these lyrics for the first time,

“And one day we will die
And our ashes will fly from the aeroplane over the sea
But for now we are young
Let us lay in the sun
And count every beautiful thing we can see”

Lyrics are written to mean different things to different people (seriously, you don’t think Britney actually meant she wanted to be struck by a fist, one more time), so I’m not trying to impose my belief about these lyrics on anyone else, but to me they allude to staying in and appreciating the moment.  I’ll try to remember these words next time I hang out with the aforementioned female…unless she turns out to be really cool and is a good kisser, then all rules are out the window.


Not Jeff Mangum

PS – I’m posting three different versions of your song – your own, a beautiful cover by Fanfarlo, and a train wreck of a cover by some random dude that thinks he is good.  I hope you can appreciate all three.


Dear Eddie Vedder,

So I feel bad Eddie, because I really should be writing a letter to one of my females today since it’s been a few days.  But I’m giving myself an out because quite frankly, grad school needs to come first this week.  I promised myself I’d finish whatever school work I have remaining for the semester (and since I’m finishing this semester, forever).  Hence, I am pulling a slight copout by writing you this quickie.  The following clip illustrates two things: 1. how badass you are, how many musicians pull a surprise trip to a late night talk show and 2. the lyrics you sing are quite possibly the best lyrics to describe heartbreak.  For me, anyway.  After all, isn’t much of heartbreak comprised of not having someone in your life you wish you had?  Of course, I might just be talking myself into some BS because I would probably do anything for you…not sexually man, get your mind out of the gutter.  I promise you Eddie, that I will write a full letter to an ex before I inhale some turkey in two days, because I know you are out there somewhere reading them, and you will probably write a song about them, call me up on stage, invite me backstage to meet the band, teach me how to surf…ok whoops, just creeped myself out.

Love You Rock,

Jeremy (haha get it, like the song!)

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