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dear mumford & sons,

This is kind of a difficult letter to write, at least in terms of the concept of this blog, mainly because for the life of me I really can’t decipher what the eff this song means.  A quick recap of the comments on (a tremendous website, by the way), has people telling tales of religion, philosophy, and drug addiction.  Well, I’m not smart enough to understand philosophy and religion, and the only thing I’m addicted to is French Pressed coffee…So I’m going to go out on a limb and interpret the song my own way.  I’ll keep it short and simple, I think the primary character in the song is addressing him/herself.  As you can see, if that is how I interpret the song, this letter really has no place in a blog dedicated to relationships.

Only, it sort of does.  I think part of the reason I’ve been so unlucky in love is because for the first quarter-plus century of my life I’ve been a pretty selfish human being.  I don’t necessarily think that is a bad thing though…I’m not going to go on that whole ‘before you love someone else you need to love yourself rant,’ but at the same time I was just never in a place where I could fully devote myself to someone else enough to maintain a romantic relationship.  Whether it was a job that required lots of travel, living briefly in strange places, grad school, or just the desire not to be held accountable to anyone but myself, I was not ready to fully commit.  In Rocky IV, Drago said (in Russian, mind you) “I fight for me! I FIGHT FOR ME!” Wow, I can’t believe I just referenced Rocky IV.  Whatever, the Rocky-Drago fight did effectively end the cold war, yet I digress.  Anyway, I was living for me, I WAS LIVING FOR ME!  As Mumford said,

‘Cause I need freedom now
And I need to know how
To live my life as it’s meant to be’

And yes, I’m sticking to that rationalization because if I don’t it means I must be just generally undesirable.  But I’m pretty sure I’m in a different place now, a place where I know how to live my life as I should, a place where I’m ready…to love someone else, or fight a Russian mammoth, or maybe even both.


Apollo Creed (RIP my friend)

ps – I realize I effectively did not pay attention to any other part of the song, but I didn’t want to turn this into a thesis.




dear morrissey & zooey deschanel

I wanted to write you both a quick letter this morning.  Originally it just going to be addressed to Zooey, because after all it was her cover of The Smith’s “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want” that inspired this writing.  That, and the fact that whatever woman I end up marrying will have to understand that you, Zooey,will definitely be on my celebrity-I-get-to-have-sex-without-worrying-about-repurcussions list.  You may even crack the top 3, whereas you, Morrissey, will not be said list.  However, you did originally pen the song so I feel it’s only right that I address it to you as well.

This is an entirely melodramatic song for me to be posting right now.  To summarize the situation, actually there really is no situation to summarize, it’s brief enough to just lay out fully – I’ve been out with the same girl for a few drinks twice in the last week, and we have tentative plans to meet up for dinner next week.  Hopefully she’ll have enough wine at dinner where making out by her car seems like a good idea, yet I digress.  I’m not writing you to beg you to ‘please let me get what I want,’ because I’m not sure yet if I really ‘want’ this girl.  So far though she seems fun, smart and I’m attracted to her…and she SEEMS to feel the same way about me.  But still, early days, right?  I do know, however, what I don’t want…I don’t want to let my guard down again like I did with this girl and get demolished.  That’s not too much to ask right?

Also, as per your lyrics, “lord knows it would be the first time.”  Well first off I don’t really believe in a Lord (though Adrian Gonzalez may be a member of the Red Sox by the time you get this letter, so who knows…), but if things go well with this girl it would not be the first time.  I’d be lying if I wrote that.  But all the same that’s kind of the feeling I think we all get when we are getting to know someone new on a possible romantic level, all previous romantic escapades go out the window and it honestly does at least FEEL like the first time.  Anyway, I’m going to enjoy the snow.  But Morrissey, thanks for writing this song and Zooey, I love you.  Um, I mean, thanks for covering it so wonderfully.


Your Real Life Joseph Gordon-Levitt


dear jeff mangum,

You should feel special, I’m creating a whole new category for you.  The song I’m posting, “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea,” is certainly not a breakup song; but the thing is it’s not really a love song either.  However, in the interest of seamless transistion, that is what it is getting filed under.  I’m posting this song for two reasons – 1. Not nearly enough people have heard it not nearly enough people know about you and your band, Neutral Milk Hotel.  So, by posting this…there is a disctinct possibility at least TWO new people will have heard you.  The second reason, and more important one, is that every time I meet someone new, who might be a potential significant other on any level, my imagination gets the better of me.  I compare her to women of my past, I think way too much about the future, instead of just appreciating the moment for what it is – getting to know someone who I’m hitting it off with.  I’m not talking about those crazy people who have a first drink with someone and start thinking about the kids they will raise together and white picket fences (read: many females I know); but smaller scale stuff – will she like my friends, will she like my parents, does she share my affinity for hatred of the Yankees?  All that crap and more was running through my mind last night when I was driving home after meeting a girl for a drink.  Stupid. But then I heard the song I’m posting below and really heard these lyrics for the first time,

“And one day we will die
And our ashes will fly from the aeroplane over the sea
But for now we are young
Let us lay in the sun
And count every beautiful thing we can see”

Lyrics are written to mean different things to different people (seriously, you don’t think Britney actually meant she wanted to be struck by a fist, one more time), so I’m not trying to impose my belief about these lyrics on anyone else, but to me they allude to staying in and appreciating the moment.  I’ll try to remember these words next time I hang out with the aforementioned female…unless she turns out to be really cool and is a good kisser, then all rules are out the window.


Not Jeff Mangum

PS – I’m posting three different versions of your song – your own, a beautiful cover by Fanfarlo, and a train wreck of a cover by some random dude that thinks he is good.  I hope you can appreciate all three.


Dear Ray Lamontagne

No, Ray & I never dated.  First of all, I am heterosexual.  Secondly, even if I were not, there is no way someone as cool as Ray would be interested in me.  But this is the start of a new feature where I’m simply going to embed a youtube video of a song I hear that reminds me of either A. a girl I’ve already written a letter to or B. a girl who in the very near future will receive one of my (in)famous letters.  These will be cut & dry, aka I’m not going to blabber on about the girl the song reminds me of, that is for the letters themselves.  Eventually this might move to it’s own page, but I think for now I’m going to keep it on the home page.  Because I can.  Because it is my blog.  So if you like listening to depressing breakup songs in the context of reading about lost loves (remember when Brenda listened to ‘Losing my Religion’ for an entire episode of old school 90210 after breaking up with Dylan? I sure as hell do), then come back often.  That gives me yet another idea, maybe I’ll post some sweet breakup movie/tv scenes as well…

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